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Lawn Care Services in Dublin, Ohio

When it comes to Dublin lawn care, there are many factors to consider before your dream yard can become a reality. The question isn’t about what you want your lawn to look like, it’s who are you going to hire to do the job. At Landscaping Dublin, our approach revolves around specialized experience, attention to detail, and customer experience. By exceeding expectations in each of these areas, there is no limit to how beautiful your property can become. No matter what specific lawn care services you are looking for, our team has the resources to do the job right.


One of the most requested lawn care services in Dublin is aeration. This is often due to the need for specialized equipment, proper timing, and the labor required to complete it. Most property owners think that aeration is something necessary for each year of maintenance. That is not always the case. While it can be done annually, core aeration typically is required only once every three years.

The process of aeration involves a device resembling a lawn mower and a tiller. Aerating machines remove one-half inch diameter plugs in the soil which are deposited across the entire surface of the lawn. As a result, holes in the soil enhance the intake of water, air, fertilizer, and seed. They also loosen the soil and allow the ground to “breathe” more effectively. Additionally, plugs deposited on the surface of the lawn decompose for further mineral distribution into the soil.

Aeration services in Dublin can be a crucial step to maintaining a healthy, vibrant turf. Combining them with overseeding and fertilizing can ensure optimal soil health. Skipping this key step can result in compacted soil and minimize the lawn’s ability to absorb vital nutrients.

Aeration diagram showing the importance of lawn care services on the health and vibrancy of Dublin lawns
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Seeding & Overseeding

Many homeowners who perform their own lawn care services often forget about the importance of seeding and overseeding. This is where having an experienced professional can make all the difference. Whether the lawn has bare spots or is simply too thin in certain areas, overseeding can bring density that makes the whole space pop.

Depending on your existing seed, it is important to decide what species of seed to use. Combination seeds typically include a variety such as Rye, Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue, and others. These seed medleys can be useful in particularly shaded or sunny areas as the species most suited for that environment will thrive. Planting seeds without first considering their exposure to sun can result in growth limitations or dead grass altogether.

Landscaping Dublin offers free estimates to determine which type of existing grass your property contains, what exposure to sunlight is present, and other environmental factors to make the right decision for your unique lawn. When paired with aeration, overseeding can be just what a yard needs to come back fuller and and more healthy for the upcoming year. Give our team a call to get an assessment of your property or to conduct any seeding/overseeding services you may need.

Fertilization Services

Fertilizing can be thought of as “feeding” your lawn. By combining chemicals like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous, fertilizers supply macronutrients required for healthy plant life. Too much of these nutrients and your lawn can “burn” and kill the existing grass. Too little, and growth can be stunted. Appropriate application of macro and micronutrients in combination with watering and consistent mowing are the key to achieving the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Of all the lawn services you can perform, fertilizing can often be the most important. At the same time, fertilization is the most common service we see done incorrectly. Dublin lawns require a unique blend of chemicals applied at specific times of year in order to see the best results. Having a trained staff with years of experience performing routine fertilization services, you can be confident Landscaping Dublin will give your yard exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

Weed Control

It doesn’t take an expert to know that weeds can be the downfall of an otherwise beautiful lawn. Regardless of your landscaping, weeds can quickly become the focus. When it comes to controlling weed growth, the word that best describes it is competition. As grass loses the competition to weeds, you are left with clovers, crabgrass, and unsightly overgrowth. When turfgrass wins the competition for survival, weeds are choked out and have no nutrients left to survive.

Whether you are in need of pre-emergent herbicides (killing weeds before they grow) or post-emergent tactics (killing weeds after they grow), Landscaping Dublin offers a wide array of weed control services to meet your needs. We can be trusted to get rid of those pesky crabgrass, poa annua, dandelions, or clovers that are taking away from your property’s curb appeal. Give our team a call today for a free estimate and customized weed control plan for your Dublin lawn.

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